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Professional Power Washing
professional pressure washing
Professional pressure washing

Have you recently noticed that your driveway is looking a little dingy? Could the siding of your home use a deep cleaning with a pressure washer? If  so, you have probably considered hiring a company that specializes in pressure washing cleanings. Pressure washing is a great way to clean a large area in a short amount of time. It makes no sense to scrub the exterior of your home one panel at a time. Pressure washing can penetrate deeper, clean faster, and safely restore the treated product.

When taking on a project like this, it is important to let a professional company handle the task. There is equipment available to rent, but one could possibly do more damage during the cleaning process if not familiar with using a pressure washer. You will save time and money when you allow a professional team to take over. You can have peace of mind knowing that the technicians will do the job right the first time. 

Hiring a professional is very important. A homeowner may think they can take on the job, but might not be properly trained or understand how to adjust pressure settings for different surfaces. Doing it yourself could ruin your siding or driveway, or even worse put yourself at risk for injury! By their very nature, pressure washing machines are very powerful nowadays. Even the smaller pressure washers have enough power to cause serious bodily harm. Professionals are accustomed to these machines and have the proper training and protective equipment to handle these jobs. Placing your trust in the hands of licensed and insured experts is a no brainer. Safety will always be of utmost importance when technicians handle high power machinery. Here an example; you would not want to use the same settings to wash a brick home as you would a home with vinyl siding or a wooden deck. A professional can adjust settings on the machine to do the job correctly. This helps achieve the best results possible. Proper settings are crucial to prevent stripping of pain or other coatings on various surfaces surrounding a house.

important steps to take

These steps can be very important if an individual is pressure washing their home to get it ready to sell. This home renovation project is one you don’t want to mess up! The exterior of the house is the first impression on a customer and can make or break a sale. Warped siding, and missing paint can be a result of pressure washing misuse. That is not the first impression you want to make! Being able to direct the stream properly by a professional can guarantee results you will be happy with.

There are numerous companies out there that make homemade power washing solutions. If you shop at a local hardware store or look online you will realize how many different products there are out on the market. It is crucial to mix the proper amount of soaps and detergents to clean specific areas effectively. Harmful residues can be left on siding or wood surfaces that could cause premature wear. Professionals will know what solution to use for every application. If an individual attempts to do this job, odds are that there will be too high of a concentration of additives that can damage surfaces. Professionals will be able to adjust solutions accordingly to make sure filth and contaminants are safely removed during the job.

Protect your investment

Pressure washing can use quite a bit of water. The average pressure washer can use upwards of four gallons per minute. Professionals will be trained in water conservation techniques and will be able to complete these jobs much faster. Excess water used in power washing can cause runoff water that can either seep into plants on your property or neighboring properties. 


People think they can save a few bucks by purchasing the equipment from a local hardware store. Pressure washing services usually only require 6 month intervals. Having a machine sit around that requires maintenance does not make a lot of financial sense. Cost of ownership can easily be more expensive than hiring professional crews that have commercial grade equipment that will work more efficiently. It can be a very time consuming job if done alone. Let the professionals handle the cleaning job so you have time to enjoy the things you love!


Power washing is best left to experts. A qualified team can complete the work in a fraction of the time and do a stellar job. These teams will do these jobs safely and effectively. Don’t hesitate to call the pros and schedule a cleaning today!

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